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My first blog in English! The event yesterday made me write this in English, as I just want to tell you.


A story began from an e-mail from Italy. She contacted me saying her brother and his wife got married and they were going to come to Japan for their honeymoon.

And she would like to give them a very special present, shiatsu! Of course, I decided to help this amazing plan.
We communicated about date, time, shiatsu session, payment, location, and worked it out.

And, they finally visited my clinic!


They are lovely couple, the husband Chris is a music composer, and his wife Hilary is managing art gallery in NY. We got along together so well that we talked a lot even before shiatsu session!
They like shiatsu and do yoga, which I started recently, so we have many topics in common.

They had been around many places in Japan this time and walked a lot, so both of them are tired, though the fatigue is good one, not like stress or work pressure.

In this kind of situation, shiatsu would work quite well and you can feel like the fatigue drained away. Chris and Hilary both looked so refreshed after the session, yes, I made it!
Also, what made this happen is the fact that they trust me from the beginning, this made the session very effective. Thank you both for your trust on me.


After the sessions, we went to a cafe “SODA Cafe” close to my clinic, where I go frequently.
I wanted to make their visit something special for them, so I asked staffs there for a special arrangement.

In the end of our light dinner, here it came! Sweets set to celebrate them. So amazing!

Staffs here are very happy to do this kind of things and they always try their best to make customers happy.
This was prepared by a patissier, who always does great jobs. Hilary likes the cookies on it and she even said they are too good to eat. The cappuccino was prepared by the manager here, and Chris said this is the best cappuccino I have ever had in Japan!
After my job, they made it too. Yeah!
Thank you everybody at SODA.


Chris were planning a small club event and invited me. Of course I joined. He was so cool playing with his good friends.

They gave me CDs of Chris. Thank you so much!

Here is the Chris website.

Here is the website of Hilary’s gallery.

Check them out!


We had such a good day together, with shiatsu, good food, music, and talking. They invited me to stay in NY whenever I have a chance. I would love to!

This day, I did feel that my work, setting up a clinic and making English website, made this enjoyable moment happen. Would like to have this kind of opportunity again, so will keep working on it.

Chris, Hilary, Congratulation!


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