What’s Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a therapy, using thumbs, fingers and palms to apply pressure on the points of the human body.
Shiatsu has been developed in Japan.
It stimulates muscles and nerves by giving pressure on the body, and as a result, it will:

  • Promote the circulation of blood and lymph, and nourish body cells
  • Help proper control of autonomous nervous system
  • Release muscle tension, and adjust body alignment




Human body has its own self-healing power, which is amazing if properly activated.
Shiatsu can promote and activate this self-healing power.

Our body consists of 60 trillion cells, and each one has an important role respectively for our everyday activities.
With enough nourishment and properly controlled nerves, the cells can fully play their roles.
With proper body alignment, your body can move more actively, so that circulation can be improved and the cells would be nourished and become more active.

Activated cells strengthen body’s self-healing power, and various body disorders can be improved.

Shiatsu is not just a therapy to release muscle tension. It is effective in various ways, such as removing fatigue and stress, promoting body immune system, and improving the disorders of internal organs or nerves.

Quite a few people have the impression that shiatsu is just for a temporary relaxation during the session.
Yes, of course shiatsu feels great during the session, but it has a lot more brilliant characteristics and effects.


Japanese law recognizes shiatsu as a medical practice, and shiatsu can only be legally provided by a therapist with a national license.

We are nationally-licensed therapists with expert knowledge and technique for shiatsu treatment.


We provide whole body shiatsu sessions, which introduce body stretching.

When feeling pain, stiffness or fatigue in one particular part, you tend to think that the treatment should focus on that part.
However, it is much more effective for the improvement to have a whole body treatment than focusing only there. It is important to check the whole body balance and help the improvement of the particular part by recovering the proper body balance as a whole.

In case of stiff shoulders, in addition to shoulders, having treatment on your neck, arms and back would give them much more improvement.

Also, after whole body shiatsu session, you can feel very refreshed, as if fatigue and stress drained away. This is the result of the improved whole body circulation.
After the session, your body may feel warmed up.

This refreshed feeling also means that you become fully relaxed in the session because of a proper stimulus to autonomic nerves. The proper control of autonomic nerves by this stimulus is one of the keys to help improvement of chronic symptoms.



Fatigue, pain or stiffness of neck and shoulders, Numb or nervous pain,
Back pain, Knee joint pain, Poor circulation, Swelling, Insomnia, Constipation,
Body exhaustion, Eye strain, Headache
Also helps the improvement of various chronic symptoms, such as allergy diseases,
stress-related illness, and visceral disorders

The above is a part of the symptoms for which shiatsu is effective.
Please contact us regarding other symptoms.