Imagine, spending one year without any house cleaning.
But if you clean monthly or weekly, you will have the following benefits.

  • Less dust can be removed easily
  • Less time and workload for each clean
  • More time in clean cozy space


The same theory applies to your body health care.
By removing fatigue in your body in a regular time span, instead of leaving it, you would have various benefits.

  • Less risk of getting sick due to less fatigue and stress
  • Less time and cost to recover, compared to the case you get sick
  • More time and energy to spend for doing what you like



The thought, “I need to take care of my health.”, hardly comes to your mind unless you get sick, even when you are exhausted and stressed out.
However, by removing your fatigue and stress before you get sick, you can obtain a higher Quality of Life (QOL).


A general impression is that shiatsu is effective for stiff shoulders or back pain.
But it helps to improve chronic disorders like constipation or poor circulation too.
It also helps to control autonomous nervous system.
So getting shiatsu treatment on a regular basis has a highly positive effect on your health, from a preventive medical point of view.


Many of you are working very hard for your jobs, child care or nursing care everyday.
We Oketaku Shiatsu Clinic would like to support your healthy and enjoyable lives with shiatsu treatment, and contribute to your higher QOL.