Fee & Session








We will start from medical interview.
Especially on your first occasion, we would ask you to fill out medical questionnaire, regarding current symptoms, when and how it started, if you took any medical treatment for it, your occupation and life style.

Any personal information, which is received during our communication or session, is only used for our session, and shall never be disclosed to the third party.


If necessary, we will check your body posture, joint mobility, or pain condition.
The session will be based on the medical interview and the body check.




Session will start. We will adjust the pressure for each of you, so that you can feel comfortable pressure and get relaxed.
Japanese style towel, Tenugui will be used against the touching points.





After the session, we will check your body condition again, how your joint mobility or alignment change, and what we find during the session.

Also, we will share the info with you, such as some easy exercise, stretching methods, and any suggestions to change your life style.

  stretch instruction 2

Preparation and consultation will take 10 to 20 min before and after the session in total.