No. We adjust the pressure to the level where each person can feel comfortable.

It can hurt a bit if that is more effective for a symptom.
However, the pressure is basically comfortable as we try to help a proper control of your autonomous nervous system with it.



Getting a shiatsu session in every 2 weeks or every month is the ideal timespan for releasing fatigue and stress, and for improving your body function.

But it is up to your health condition and life stye. Getting the session every week or every 2 months is also common.
For intensive care of chronic symptoms, you can expect even more improvement by getting the session in every week or every 3 days during a certain period.

The important idea is, not to leave your fatigue and stress too much, and to release them in certain time span or when you feel them.



Please contact us and ask.

Depending on your body condition, we would recommend you to get shiatsu, or go to doctors or other medical institutions.



Please avoid getting the shiatsu session within 1 hour after the meal.
Lying prone right after the meal feels stuffing and uncomfortable, and can disturb digesting process.

Please also avoid it while you are being drunk.
Shiatsu affects the blood circulation, so unexpected changes can happen to the blood pressure or the circulation.
In addition, your skin becomes less sensitive because of alcohol, so you would want stronger pressure than usual which can result in hurting your muscles.



Yes, it is basically fine if you are in stable period.
We coordinate the session considering pregnancy.

Should any concern, we would recommend you to consult with your doctor and follow his/her instruction.
Especially during pregnancy, the biggest factor which prevent your body from receiving good effect with shiatsu, is uneasy feeling.
So you need to be free from uneasy feeling and relaxed during the session.



Not applicable for the sessions introduced in this website.
The payment for the shiatsu session by nationally-licensed therapist is subject to a tax deduction for medical expenses. The tax deduction is applied on Japanese tax filing.
Please let us know if you need a receipt.

Under some conditions, the health insurance is applicable to the sessions for those who cannot come to the clinic because of diseases or injuries, such as cerebral stroke, Parkinson disease, bone fracture.
Please contact us for more details.