Wanted: Trial Clients for Lymph Drainage Session


We are looking for the clients who kindly participate in our trial session. It is for residence in Tokyo Shinagawa-ku, Meguro-ku, Ota-ku, and Setagaya-ku.
The trial session is medical lymph drainage for lymphatic edema.

Lymphatic edema can be caused because of medical surgery to get rid of cancer, which as a result removes lymph nodes. Edema can be seen in the area like arms or legs.
It can be caused by various other reasons too.

The client will receive the complex physical therapy, which is developed especially for lymphatic edema at Foldi Clinic in Germany.
And we will monitor all course of changes and results.

The therapy is safe without any side effect, when done with a cooperation of medical doctors.
We are certified as “Medical Lymph Drainage Therapist” at Medical Lymphdrainage Association of Japan, which is a partner of Foldi Clinic.

Lymphatic edema cannot be cured completely. However, curing the symptoms can decrease clients’ inconvenience in daily lives.
Please refer the followings for the detail, and let us know if any of you, your families, or friends gets interested.

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[Client requirements]
* Having lymphatic edema because of medical surgery etc
* Seeing medical doctor on regular basis for the lymphatic edema
* Having time for getting the session once or twice a week for two or three months on regular basis
* Not minding getting the session at home, and bed is available for that
(Home visit only, Not Japanese futon)
* Understanding our suggestion or advice, and being motivated to do the session and self-care
* Not minding taking photos of the body to monitor the change of the symptoms
* Residence in Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku, Meguro-ku, Ota-ku(some areas only), and Setagaya-ku(some areas only)


1,000 yen for one visit and session, visit fee included

If clients need bandages or compression stockings, they need to purchase them.
With approval from a medical doctor, health insurance would be applied for the cost.


[Session, Treatment]
Complex physical therapy in Foldi style as follows.
a. Skin care
b. Manual lymph drainage
c. Compression with bandages or stockings
d. Physical exercise under compression
e. Self-care


[Number of clients]
One or two


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Please contact us for any questions.


Thank you
Oketaku Shiatsu Clinic